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About Our Camp

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Camp n Create is a great opportunity for 1st-6th grade students to explore their God given talents and gifts in worship expression through theater, dance, and art. Students are given the choice of joining camp for whole day or half day experiences. The afternoon focus of the camp exists to teach children about Jesus. Each day, children will engage in learning, games, crafts, and more as they learn about the Bible and God's word.

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Mission & Vision

Camp n Create's mission allows students to serve the Lord with their artistic talents and collaborate with other artists, all with a focus on worshipping God. Classes are taught by Christian based or Christian owned companies, such as Christian Youth Theater, TippiToes Dance studio, and Masterpiece Art Parties.

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Extended Learning in Visual and Performing Arts

Art in education plays a significant role in developing creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It allows students to express themselves and explore their thoughts and emotions, fostering emotional growth. Art has also played a significant role in Christianity throughout history, serving as a means of education, inspiration, and devotion. It has been instrumental in communicating the narratives, teachings, and values of Christianity to both the literate and illiterate. Camp n Create serves to guide campers to express their faith and devotion through their art, which serves as a medium for prayer and contemplation, helping believers to reflect on their faith and draw closer to God.

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